Saturday, 18 February 2017

Hundred Year War - Campaign Moves

In preparation for the next Hundred Years War games (part of the 6x6 challenge) the campaign side of this challenge required a few moves to determine where the next battle would be.

Previous battle games had seen Prince Riddick establish a position north of the river, and the Sheriff of Lockdew manage a successful rear guard action.

French chasing forces are forced to retire after a rear guard action
The English forces under the overall command of Prince Riddick are still a long way off from escaping in waiting ships. While more French forces are starting to close in.  The Prince and part of the English army has successfully positioned itself north of a river crossing. The remaining elements of his army have been ordered to consolidate on his position.

The English attempt to consolidate their army elements
The English army successfully crossed the river and elements of the French forces under the command of Baron Chastain wisely retired north to a nearby town where they would benefit from an additional two units in any battle.

French forces north of the English retire to a better position
Again the English successfully rolled 3+ more moving all their army elements to attack French elements to their north. Meanwhile messengers have been sent out by the French commander Duc Bonnet to place themselves north of the river as quickly as possible. Blocking the path the English appear to have committed themselves to.

English forces push north and clash with French defenders
With the battle decided, the dice generated terrain was laid out and the forces deployed. As the attacker the English have to place half their units first, then the defending French deploy all their units before the remainder English units are added as their second line.

The English get to select two units for each of their commanders. A total of an additional six units of any unit type. The French on the other hand get four additional units, two for their commander and two because the battle is near a town where they can drum up local units.

Game set up
The French Commander's view (all MiniFigs HYW collection)
I use a square grid which does not show well in photos so the regularly placed bushes show the square corners.
A view of the English deployment


  1. Replies
    1. The battle game has been fought. Post awaits!

  2. A tough but critical battle for the English methinks.

    1. Keeping the momentum now they (the English) have consolidated and committed to an escape path is indeed crucial.