Sunday, 12 February 2017

Hundred Years War Campaign - Game 1

The first game of the Hundred Years War campaign has Prince Riddick's forces (including the army's baggage) attempting to seize a bridge to open up another avenue for his beleaguered army to escape back to the ships. A quick reminder of the campaign map.

Campaign position with English forces trying to escape to their fleet located in the top right-hand corner of the map.

I am using rules which are best described as a mash-up of Lion Rampant rule mechanisms and One-Hour Wargame combat mechanisms, then adjusted to play on a 6 inch gridded table.

The game had both forces facing off across the river with three crossing points. A stone bridge in the centre and a ford and wooden bridge on either flank. I only have a few photos from this game due to a combination of low battery and a couple of blurred photos.

The game started with the English centre moving up and exchanging volleys of arrows with the French centre across the river. Once the French flanking move by their knights had been seen off. The English centre attempting to force their way across the bridge. Their attempts failed ultimately saw the loss of their commander (who left the field of battle hurt). The French quickly followed the English failures with a counterattack across the bridge, but were too weakened to really capitalised and in doing so overstretched themselves and in the process lost the battle. An English flanking force arriving in the nick of time to finally swing the game their way.

English knights move to counter the flanking French knights as they cross at the ford 
No attempt was made to cross at the wooden bridge. Bowmen on either side just exchanged volleys of arrows
English knights just manage to see of their flanking French counterparts

English ready to move across the bridge while also moving to cross a unit of  foot sergeants and knights across at the ford.
Prince Riddick charges across the bridge covered by his archers. This gallant charge was to see him unhorsed and the attack fail.
Emboldened by the sight of seeing Prince Riddick fail and retire hurt Baron Chastain charges across the bridge. The remaining bowmen defenders were just enough to gain revenge and it was the Baron's turn to leave the battlefield. 
Both sides were just handing on without their leaders when flanking English units were just enough to tip the game in their favour.
By winning this battle, even by the skin of his teeth, Prince Riddick secured an important crossing. Other than injured pride for being unhorsed - the Prince lives on to fight another day. Baron Chastain retired with his men still blocking an English advance.

Campaign map after the initial engagement


  1. Good opening and a tight battle.

    1. The opening game worked well and the English army now protects its flank should they choose to move down the coast to get to their ships.

  2. That hand-drawn campaign map is pure class. It's beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much. They are fun to draw and look very colourful in photos.