Thursday, 2 February 2017

Third SciFi games as part of 6x6 challenge

I played a third SciFi games a couple of weeks back. Somehow I had annoyingly only taken one photo of the game which does not really make for a good game report. So I threw some terrain onto the table and placed four objectives onto the table. Two objectives were placed in the centre ruins and the remaining two in opposing corners. The winner of the game would be the side with the most objective with draws allowed.

For this game I was allowing multiple units to occupy a square with a maximum of 3 units in a square, but this could be less if they didn't fit.

Necron Force

I am using the Tank on Tank rule variant with some modifications for the SciFi games on a square gridded table. The units are described with (move-armour-range) and special rules.

1 x Monolith (1-12-3) heavy weapon
3 x Immortals (1-9/10-3) with a leader
4 x Warriors (1-8/10-2) with a leader
3 x Destroyers (3-10-2) with blast weapons
1 x Heavy Destroyer (2-10-3) with power weapon
1 x Destroyer Lord (3-10-2) is a Leader
1 x C'tan (1-12-3) Psychic and veteran

The Space Marine force was made up of:

1 x Scouts (1-7/10-2) sniper
2 x Tactical marine sections (1-8/10-2) flamers
2 x Tactical marine sections (1-8/10-2) with leaders
1 x Tactical marine sections (1-8/10-2) blast weapons
1 x Tactical marine sections (1-8/10-3)
1 x Landspeeder (3-11-3) blast weapons
1 x Assault sections (3-8/10-1) with leader
2 x Assault sections (3-8/10-1) flamers
1 x Assault sections (3-8/10-1) power weapon
1 x Whirlwind (2-11-6) heavy weapon
1 x Razorback (2-11-3)
1 x Dreadnoughts (1-11-1) assault and power weapon
1 x Dreadnought (1-11-3) power weapon

Space Marine Force
Both sides deployed in opposite corners and quickly moved on the centre ruins while pushed around on opposing flanks with their fast units. The Necrons had the early successes, but over the course of the game the marines got the upper hand and eventually held 3 out of the 4 objective squares. Photos of the game progress below.

Space Marines rush forward while keeping some units in reserve
First blood going to the destroyers who brought their combined firepower to destroy razorback
Fast attacking units move up on the flank. 
Necrons prepare to counter the flanking move
More Necrons converge on the ruins
Casualties mount on both sides
Marine reserves move on the flank objective defended by a lone destroyer 
More marines join the battle for the ruins
A flank objective is captured by marines 
The remaining Necron defence is slowly being eliminated
The game played quickly and the stacking of multiple units in a square proved very successful. I reduced the troop units models to between 3-4 which helped when they were grouped together in a square. The trick with the rules seems to be about getting a balance between moving up units into positions while maintaining a level of attacks on enemy units.


  1. Very nifty layout and great improv!

    1. Thanks. Of all my armies I have invested the most time in the Warhammer 40k collection and terrain. Partly because there are no boundaries as to what you can do.

  2. Thanks Dale. I have almost completed this particular 6x6 challenge and looking forward to playing Lion Rampant on a square grid.

    1. I am also interested in seeing how you do with LR on a grid. Are you considering a large grid (6") or one figure per square?

      It also looks like you have changed some unit stats on the Sci Fi rules. For example, if you have a Dread with a PW it has an attack of 3, but now you show a Dread with a PW and an AW and it has an attack of 1. Are you going to update the rules to show your thought process on how to rate troops?

    2. For Lion Rampant I have one unit of 12 models on a single base (I like big bases) and I track hits using dice on the base. This way I stick with 6 inch squares. Movement is simplified to foot units 1 square and mounted 2 squares.

      As for my SciFi variant I plan to update the rules by putting in some example units.