Saturday, 13 January 2018

French Indian War Campaign - Game 7

During the week I was able to find time and return to play a game in my French Indian War campaign. In the last campaign game (a few weeks ago) British forces had been defeated and forced to retreat (shown with the black arrow). The French decided to quickly followed up this victory up with another attack the other British force north of the river (Red arrow).

The campaign map shows the retiring British and advancing French.
Both sides in this battle chose to draw upon their reserves and gain an additional two units. The battle began with British units lined up behind a river. The river had three crossings (one bridge and two fords). Along the river side a number of areas of marsh were placed and could not me traversed by any units.

French Indian allied units quickly advance on the right flank with the intent of harrying the few British units and artillery. 
On the opposite flank, British units move across the river.
In the centre French units quickly march towards the bridge.
The British attack on their right flank prepares to move forward.
Indian units begin to harass the British left flank.
All along the line British units opened fire. The French advance along the road quickly came to a halt after the lost of a unit.
The British attack make slow progress.
The Indians were starting to make a real nuisance of themselves and causing the British left flank to  come under pressure.
Support for the British flank diverted reserves. 
Meanwhile the British attack was placing pressure on the French, but was almost spent.
At this point in the game was well balanced and really enjoyable. As a result I forgot to take pictures of the next couple of turns, which saw the Indians defeat a couple of units and the British attack run out of steam. This allowed the French to regroup for a final attack, only to see the remaining British units retire.

French units are regrouping for a final attack, while British units make a timely retirement.
So the campaign now stands French 4 victories and British 3 victories.


  1. The Natives did their job in this one. Good looking battle. How long will the French luck hold?

    1. The French do seem to be on a bit of roll right now.

    2. Your FIW series is prompting me to consider pulling my own FIW collection out of storage for a game or two. I began a campaign game years ago using the DTP boardgame Montcalm & Wolfe as a battle generator.

    3. Board games certainly can provide a good campaign backdrop. The trick to a successful solo campaign (for me anyway) is to keep the number of battles played to between 6 and 10. Otherwise I find interest wanes, and boardgames can generate more that 10 combats. I guess you just have to be selective on which combats to transition to the tabletop. Anyway, I hope we may see your FIW collection doing battle in the (near?) future.

  2. I thought that the French advance straight down the main road would be doomed with a gun opposing them, but the flanks delivered the necessary victory. Good game.

    1. Yes, the centre advance was never going anywhere. It did manage to take the focus off the flanking Indians, but a bit lucking to not be punished more.