Sunday, 28 January 2018

WW2 games and trying out rules

During the week I played a couple of games based upon the scenario Pont-de-la-Croix from the book Operation Warboard. The purpose for playing the games was to try out some rule changes.
Both games had similar results with the Allies failing to get control of the bridge.

Allied tanks move up after a lead Armour Car was destroyed
The remaining units arrive to support the attack
An attack is mounted on the pillbox 
The pillbox is eliminated and the remaining infantry unit retreats across the bridge under cover of smoke. 
Allied tanks make a rush for the bridge
The tanks become easy pickings for the AT gun and Panther
I am still not convinced of the rule changes. The second game worked more like I hoped, but I will park the rules for a while and return to them another time.

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