Sunday, 28 January 2018

Getting to use some D3 dice

Having finished off a couple of games during the week to try out some WW2 rule amendments. It was time this weekend to have a game with my recent purchase of some D3 (1,1,2,2,3,3) dice. I opted for using my draft Napoleonic rules which are as usual influenced by One Hour Wargames (OHW) rules.

One of my frustrations with OHW rules is the tracking of hits. By using D3 dice I was hoping to reduce hits before elimination to greater than 6 and track most units with only one dice. (I would still have one or two Guard units being able to take up to 9 hits.)

I know the Maths is not quite the same when comparing to OHW, but by have a few extra units on the tabletop I was hoping this would compensate while still providing a good game.

  • Elimination on 15+ hits with a D6 score averaged at 3.5 would have the unit at exhaustion point (14 hits) after 4 rounds of combat. (The average is calculation is 1+2+3+4+5+6=21 and 21/6=3.5)
  • Elimination on 7+ hits with an average D3 score of 2 would have the unit at exhaustion point (6 hits) after 3 rounds of combat. (The average is calculation is1+1+2+2+3+3=12 and12/6=2)

The combat conversion is to use +1 or -1 rather than +2 or -2 as in OHW. Also, rather than halving a score for units against units in cover, a one subtract instead.

Having played through two games with D3 dice, I am finding the combat phase in the games comes to a conclusion more quickly, as expected, which does not detract from the game. Rather I have found it emphasises the need to have those extra units available in reserves to plug any gaps in the line.

So far I am quite liking the idea of less granularity with combat. There is more distinction between units operating above or below expectations (a D3 score of 1 is poor, a 2 is average, and a 3 is good).

While there was nothing stopping me apply the above D3 approach with a D6 (halve and round up) having the D3 somehow just made it easier. Anyway, time for some photos of some shinny Spencer Smith figures in action.

Terrain and models all set up for a game. 
French cavalry move forward in the foreground. Not the smartest move by me to have all my cavalry together in a game that tries to  reward combined arms.
French forces advance upon combined Austrian and Russian forces. My recently completed walls go a showing in this game. 
The assault is underway.
The French General watches the assault.
At this point my phone battery required a recharge. The game was moving along at an enjoyable pace so no more photos alas. The French were to have a marginal win, which could have been more convincing if their were cavalry available to follow up as Austrian/Russian units become exhausted. Poor tactics applied by me when setting up the units.

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