Tuesday, 15 May 2018

French Indian War - Preparation for campaign game 12

We are now into game 12 of the FIW campaign. The campaign background and lead up to this game can be found as usual here on Jonathan's Palouse Wargaming Journal.

The tabletop is setup for the next game - Battle of Fort Oswego
The campaign game has an order of battle of:

  • British commanded by Amherst (A3D1) with 1 Regular and 2 Militia regiments
  • French commanded by Drucour (A0D1) with 1 Regular regiment. They also get an artillery piece within Fort Oswego.

In this game I am able to field on the tabletop 3 units for each regiment. Both forces have commanders with (A) attack and (D) defence capabilities. I originally at the start of teh campaign games had the defence capability adding to the army resolve and the attack capability reflected as additional attacks by units adjacent to a commander. During the games I have a tendency to forget about the attacks, so in the last game I just added all the capability scores into the army resolve. Not a satisfactory approach.

After some discussion with Jonathan on how the board game Montcalm and Wolfe treats commander capabilities. I plan to take a similar approach with this tabletop game. What this means is French commander Drucour (with D1) who is defending can increase the capability of one regiment's units. For the game this means a regiment can take additional hits before being eliminated. Whereas, British commander Amherst as the attacker with A3 can increase the capability of 3 regiment's units.

A quick sketch of the tabletop and OB
The French have opted to remain in the confines of Fort Oswego and wait for the British to attack. This way they can take full advantage of being in cover and improved shooting which fortification rules provide.

French prepare Fort Oswego for attack
British forces arrive.
With no French forces outside the fort the British plan is quite simple. Advance and assault the fort as quickly as possible.


  1. Too tight to call methinks, with British Militia advancing in the open and the French having both fortification and artillery.

    "Let us spare the men" Drucour called out "You and I should do this business by the gentlemanly employment of pistols".

    "I do not have my pistols to hand" came Amherst's calm reply, "but I do have 1500 bayonet that will decide this matter today".

    1. Very imaginative! I agree it will be a close contest. A few good dice rolls could swing the game either way.

  2. My money is on the British in this one with Amherst leading the way.

    1. The British will have to retire units before they accumulate too many hits and are eliminated, reducing their army resolve.

  3. Peter,
    With odds in troop numbers of 3:1 in favor of the British - I'd be favoring the British to take Fort Oswego. Cheers. KEV.

    1. At 3:1 and a commander with an attacking capability the British do seem well positioned.