Wednesday, 30 May 2018

French Indian War - Game 13 battle report

Game 13 of the French Indian War campaign has a strong French force commanded by Drucour attacking Seneca warbands and their settlement. The attacking French force is almost double that of the Seneca who will be hard pressed to defend their settlement.

The opening moves saw the Seneca warbands swiftly moved up to meet the advancing French units, while taking cover in the trees.

Seneca warbands take cover in the trees 
The French units advance 
Both sides exchange shots. As the numbers of French units move up and their volleys start to take a toll on the warbands.
After losing two units the remaining warband unit retires to the settlement to regroup. In the initial engagement the French lost one militia unit and one unit of regulars was verging on the point of  exhaustion.

Seneca warband retires regroup and reorgnise
Having regrouped and reorganised the Seneca take the battle to the French again.
Under the direction of Commander Drucour the regulars make a flanking move to attack the settlement. While the militia are occupied with the warband in the woods.

French flanking moves
A single warband unit defends the settlement against the flanking forces. 
The loss of the settlement sees the Seneca exit the field of battle.
A victory to the French with both regiments in tact. The Seneca warbands while defeated were able to  retire without suffering heavy losses.

This was a small game with a likely French victory as an outcome. One of those type of games which campaigns throw up, but are just as enjoyable to play out. There is still one more game to be fought out on the tabletop from the latest campaign moves made and described on Jonathan's Palouse Wargaming Journal blog.


  1. The outcome may have been predestined but still enjoyable to read. Table looks great!

    1. After the game I was pondering whether the tabletop should have had more trees to increase the difficulty of movement for the French. Still an enjoyable game to prepare and play.

  2. Peter- possibly a predictable result for the Seneca..will we be seeing a return of the Indians in the future? Great photos by the way! Cheers. KEV.

    1. KEV - I was hoping adding an additional Seneca unit would have possibly helped, but it was not to be. The battles are determined by Jonathan's campaign moves so I am never sure what sort or game or units I will be playing. Cheers Peter

  3. As far back as the 17th C the 1st Nations had a hard time defending their villages against a European assault. As long as they still have food for winter they can recover. Interesting and attractive scenario to resolve.

    1. While the game outcome was predicable it was interesting to see what level of casualties the French would sustain. An enjoyable game to prepare and play.