Sunday, 13 May 2018

ECW painting project and Napoleonic games

A mixed bag of a post this week. On the painting side I was able to complete an English Civil War foot unit to add to the mounted unit from the previous week. This brings the ECW project painted total to 4 foot and 3 mounted units.

Mounted unit from last weekend
Foot unit completed this weekend
During the week I was able to get in a couple of Napoleonic games and continue trying out and clarifying the reserve rules. The reserve rule allows reserve units at the end of their turn the ability to reduce all hits from one infantry, grenadier or skirmish unit within 6 inches and forward of them. This is only allowed once per game for each reserve unit. I use standards attached to a unit to indicate which units have reserves. Removing the standard once reserves are used and the attached unit is then treated as a normal unit.

Reserves indicated by the standard are well positioned to be fed into the line. 
Alternatively, rather than feeding reserves into the line, they can instead be used by the attached unit itself to strengthen an assault using the unit. A useful approach when the attached unit is a veteran or guard unit.

If the unit with attached reserves is destroyed before the reserves are used, then they are lost.

If the unit is engaged in combat, then the reserves cannot be used, other than on the attached unit itself.

No game reports this week, just a few photos of the current game in progress. Once completed I will be able to setup for the tabletop ready for the next French Indian War campaign game.

Early stages of a game with some forces still to arrive
Reserves positioned to support units
French infantry advance supported by artillery
A game in full swing. Reserves have been used by the advancing French, while Austrian  forces hand on to their reserves.


  1. An active game table and workbench, for you. A new battle for the FIW campaign awaits. How are your siege rules coming along? I think there maybe a use for such soon.

    1. Looking forward to playing out the next FIW game, and I will have to get a trial siege game in soon.

  2. Peter- well done on the growing Collection for ECW...good to see you making steady- weekly progress. It will be great to see the Regiments in action later this year. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Hi KEV. Trying to maintain that one painted unit a week goal. It always seems to get easier once the halfway mark is achieved. Thanks, Peter