Monday, 1 October 2018

A WW2 game and issues with blog

Over the last few days I have been having a few issues with comments on my blog. My comments were not showing when using the Safari browser. While not resolved I have resorted to using Chrome and trying to get my settings working again after messing around with them.

Setting aside my browser problems I had a distraction in the letter box, a second-hand copy of War Games had arrived. It is a well used copy, probably an ex-library copy, but I am not fussed as it a reminder of a time when I visited the local library to constantly borrow wargaming books.

Another addition to the library

So for a break from the English Civil War campaign I tried to refight "Tank and Infantry Action on the St James Road". The scenario had British infantry supported by tanks holding the high ground covering St James Road, and the Germans attacking over the embankment.

Scenario map

Tabletop attempt to reflect the scenario map
Here are a few pictures of the game...

British forces in prepared defensive positions
The German attack rolls across the embankment
The German's try and move around the flank
The German attack on the farm was proving costly
A quick photo of my recently completed Sd.Kfz.250/10
The flank attack while costly was starting to make headway
British forces were scrambling to stop the breakthrough
Things are looking pretty grim for the defenders
At games end the defenders still held the farm and woods on the high ground.
The game had a similar end to the game described in the book with the Germans calling off the attack on St James Road. With two-thirds of their armour lost and limited infantry support there was little chance of the attack progressing further.

This turned out to be a most enjoyable game and Browser issues were temporarily forgotten.


  1. Featherstone’s War Games is not one his books I have. Can you provide a brief review of its contents?

    Browser issues: I find that my Google/Blogger profile is not registering when I attempt to comment here. Switching to Chrome resolved this issue. Is this a new Safari feature?

    Your WWII game looks good. What is the size of your table?

    1. The tabletop is 6x4 foot. The game in the book was 6x3. So a fraction more width in my game.
      The book contents are:
      1 - what are wargames
      2 - Model soldiers for wargames
      3- How to layout a battlefield
      4 Organising a campaign
      5 How to start a wargame
      6 - Ancient warfare (rules and game)
      7 - Horse and musket warfare (rules and game)
      8 Modern warfare (rules and game)
      9 - solo games

      As it turns out the book order was messed up and I ended up with two copies. If in getting this issue resolved I end up with two copies, I will happily post you the spare copy.

    2. I just thought I'd add that commenting is also fine when using Firefox :)

  2. The Tank and Infantry action is a nice little scenario. I played it a few years ago with my 'Army Men' rules (
    About 35 years ago I tried it with armies reversed, an action in Tunisia. Americans attacked with Shermans, I had the Germans with Pz III Specials. For a beginner, the Americans did well, massing his armour against the German right. That proved a battle winner. His 1st Battalion, attacking directly the Red Farm git shot up very badly, losing at least 60% casualties during the course of the action.

    Meanwhile, I held the panzers in a single group in the woods to the rear and struck the Sherman battalion in flank as it swept in behind Copse Hill. In the brisk tank battle that ensued, I lost two tanks whilst knocking out as many. It became clear eventually that I could not hold the position, and managed to crawl off to the rear with about a third of the defensive force. The Americans lost half their armour and most of I Battalion, but II Battalion came out with most of their men. A costly but distinct US victory.

    1. When I first read the scenario and the forces involved, I thought the game would be very lopsided. But having the prepared positions and farm to hold one of the flanks seemed to really even things out. Your posted game from a few years back looked like a lot of fun.

  3. I just love these scenario presentations from 'days of old'.

    I will tinker a bit with the browser thing as I have Safari and Chrome and whatever it is that my PC uses these days (Edge?) …. but as a quick thought, have you just uploaded the new iOs 12 ? I only ask because your problem is only a few days old, as is iOs 12.

    1. The cause of my comment issue is with a recent update as you suggest. I will have to be patient and wait until fixed. Thanks.

  4. If you can, track down a copy of the book that inspired "Tank and Infantry Action" - "A Small Spark of Courage by D. A Rayner (1959 and 1961). To quote the blurb - "Having outrun their supply lines they now await the enemy's counter-attack.In order to determine the enemy's intention the brigade commander is compelled to expose one company to certain destruction. At the height of the battle, the commander of the 'suicide' company appeals for assistance to an armoured unit. Its young troop officer hesitates.Dare he disobey orders to prevent a massacre?"
    The book includes some superb maps enabling a larger version of the scenario to be developed especially using smaller scale models. Rayner had been a RN escort commander and wrote "The Enemy Below".

    1. Thank you for this background information. Most interesting. I will keep a eye out for the book.

  5. Great to see you playing out one of Donald Featherstone's WW2 scenarios- you've certainly done well with your terrain- it all matches up perfectly with the books' Map - good going Peter. Cheers. KEV.

    1. In the book the game was played on a 6x3 foot table and so I had a bit more width with my 6x4 foot table and could include the farm building.

  6. That last line pretty much says everything that needs to be said!

    btw, on whim I googled and found has used hard covers for 3 pounds or you can splash out and pay 9 for a paperback!?