Friday, 12 October 2018

ECW campaign move and game 5 set up

In the last campaign game (game 4) the Battle for Bryburn, Parliamentarian forces secured a marginal victory to gain control of the South Coast region. It was now the Royalist turn and they continue to secure the North by attempting to control Lancashire.

Campaign map showing the next region to be battled over

With the region selected complete the next step is for both sides to recruit. Because two adjoining regions are Royalist controlled, they will get the opportunity to re-roll twice during the recruitment.

Surprisingly Parliament recruited strongly, even with the Royalist advantage of re-rolling, and has the larger force.

Parliament (13 units)
Cavalry (Trotters) = 5 units
Infantry = 3 units
Dragoons =  2 units
Commanded Shot = 1 unit
Artillery = 1 unit
Lobsters = 1 unit

Royalist (11 units)
Cavalry (Gallopers) = 4 units
Infantry = 4 units
Dragoons = 1 unit
Commanded Shot = 1 unit
Elite Pike = 1 unit

With forces decided the next step is to determine the tabletop to be fought over. The cards were laid out and tabletop prepared.

Determining the tabletop layout with cards
Being the smaller force the Royalist units were placed first on the side of their selection. The larger Parliament force was deployed second, and Royalists get to make the first move to adjust to the attackers deployment.

Parliamentarian forces deployed on the right and Royalists on the left 
The small Parliament infantry has their cavalry split evenly on either wing
Royalist infantry anchor their right flank against the wood and bar a small contingent of cavalry in reserve all other  cavalry on on their left flank. Commanded shot take up positioning the woods.
All is ready to play out the Battle of Appleby this weekend.


  1. Nice table layout and an interesting looking scenario. The Royalists seem to have difficulty rallying troops to the King's flag.

    1. The Parliamentarian side does have the run of luck on recruiting dice rolls. The campaign recruitment rule means a good dice score can nullify any support from adjacent regions. The Parliamentarian leader in the region must be charismatic.

  2. Replies
    1. Looking forward to playing the game today. Royalists are fortunate to have the wood on their flank to offset their lack of cavalry compared to their opposition.