Wednesday, 3 October 2018

ECW Campaign - Game 3 Report

Game 3 of the campaign saw an outnumbered Royalist force take up defensive positions on the hills south of the small town and parish of Dunington. Parliamentarian forces take up position north of the river, ready to take the fight to the Royalist army.

Initial positions 
When selecting the terrain (see here) the river was considered fordable by infantry and cavalry, but not artillery. For this game units which choose to ford the river, rather than cross at a bridge, will take 1 hit.

The tabletop view of the opening positions. A Parliamentarian cavalry column on the near road and a mixed cavalry and infantry column moves towards the town.
Royalist cavalry charged any Parliamentarian cavalry that moved across the bridge. Creating a stalemate situation on this flank. 
Infantry quickly occupied Dunington town, while in the centre artillery from both sides exchanged shots. 
As soon as the infantry took position outside of the town Royalist cavalry charged while being supported by their infantry reserve which had moved up Dunington road and exchanged musket fire.
Soon Parliamentarian cavalry were able to move up through the town.
Dragoons ford the river (taking 1 hit in the process) to help try and break the stalemate
Royalist cavalry supported by infantry put up a strong showing on their left flank and were able to rout the attacking units.
The Parliament army resolve failed once their left flank attack ended in a stalemate and the right flank attack through the town was routed. In hindsight holding their centre and not advancing across the river was a mistake as it allowed Royalists to focus their forces against the two attacking columns.

Movements and attacks during the game
A surprising Royalist victory given they were outnumbered. This win helps them to consolidate their position in the North.

Current campaign map and areas of control


  1. I really enjoy your maps and artwork as well. Adds superbly to the atmosphere.

    1. Thank you. They are fun to do and don't take too long to create. Especially now that I have got into the swing of drawing them.

  2. As Aaron says (and I repeatedly!), your battle maps are terrific and add greatly to following the action on the table. I am very surprised that the Parly's deployed along the river bank did not cross over to form a bridgehead and provide support to the column moving across the bridge.

    Brilliant victory for the King!

    1. Yep, that was a mistake partly due to the limit on how many units a side can activate based upon how many units a commander can observe within 24 inches. The Parliamentarian commander stayed with their centre and lost contact with his flank units.