Saturday, 20 October 2018

Some secondhand books and models

This week has been very much about secondhand items. I don't have a single painting project at present since finishing my ECW figures. For the moment I plan to: add a few extra Napoleonic units from my stash of secondhand plastic Spencer Smith miniatures, and add to my WW2 1/72 collection with a few recent secondhand purchases.

French Dragoon unit to add to my generic Napoleonic forces. These figures are not Spencer Smith, but I believe are by Segom Miniatures.
On the painting table two Churchills, a flail tank, and some Spencer Smith SYW painted to look like Napoleonic Austrian infantry for my very generic Napoleonic Third Coalition armies

Continuing the secondhand theme of this post. A couple of books arrived in the post this week. Both are in surprisingly good condition given their age and will be enjoyable additions to by collection of wargaming books.


  1. Those books are particularly good scores!

    1. I plan to do some more Naval wargaming next year and it is always nice having one of the early wargaming books on the subject. The Tank Battle in Miniature I have never read (any of the versions) and look forward to reading this one as I game WW2 NW Europe.