Monday, 15 October 2018

Campaign Game 6 setup

As both sides continue to shore up their bases, Royalists to the North and Parliament the regions around London. The next campaign move has Parliament attempting to secure the South East region. The ensuing battle will be the mid-point of the first part of this campaign (the year 1642) where both sides secure regions to their cause, and so far it is turning out to be a pretty even affair.

Campaign map of controlled regions (Royalist = Red and Parliament = Blue)
The terrain for the game was quickly selected using the cards. The hill in the centre may prove influential in the game, and areas of buildings may drive the cavalry action to the centre.

Selected terrain. Each card represents a 2x2 foot square on the tabletop
The layout is transferred to the tabletop and recruitment for both sides proceeds. Parliament will be able to re-roll two of their scores due to controlling two adjacent areas. Recruitment in the English Civil War appears to have been a fairly unpredictable affair, with many towns trying to remain neutral (to maintain trade) and the local populations not necessarily following the local gentry's allegiance to one side or the other.

Order of Battle:

Parliament (12 units)
4 x Cavalry
4 x Infantry
2 x Dragoons
1 x Commanded Shot
1 x Lobsters

Royalst (13 units)
4 x Cavalry
5 x Infantry
2 x Dragoons
2 x Artillery

Tabletop set up and units deployed
Parliament units

Having deployed Parliament units first (they are the smaller force) and Royalist units second (larger force). Then Parliament gets to move some or all of its units to adjust to the second force's deployment.

Parliamentarian units push froward to gain the centre hill
All ready for the next game.


  1. Will the Royalst advantage in artillery help in preparing the attack? With OBs near parity, this may be a tough one for the attacker.

    1. The artillery is fairly ineffective, but can could be used to goad the Parliamentarian forces into an attack.

    2. How often have I felt exactly that emotion in battle? Often! Harassing enemy artillery fire can get my blood up and I launch an attack to silence those pesky guns. It does not always end well...