Wednesday, 18 September 2019

1066 Paper Soldier wargames and Books

It was time for a change of period after playing through quite a few WW2 games as part of a campaign. So out came the 1066 paper soldier armies for some quick games using Lion Rampant rules, while I try and decide what the next campaign will be.

Norman inafantry and Breton cavalry look across at the Saxon army in the distance
Start of the game
Game in progress
Last week a couple of secondhand book purchases arrived. The book I was after was "War-game Through the Ages Vol. 3 1792-1859" to get the series and "A Wargamer's Guide to The Desert War 1940-1943" was an impulse buy as it was at a reduced price.

The series of books now complete
I have started reading The Desert War guide which has chapters covering:

  • The Desert War - 13 pages
  • Armies, Organisation, and Equipment - 19 pages
  • Wargaming the Campaign - 36 pages
  • Choosing Your Rules - 19 pages
  • Choosing Your Models - 11 pages
  • Scenarios - 11 pages
So far I have found it an easy ready with the chapters providing a good and straightforward summary of their topics.


  1. Hooray for completing your Featherstone quartet! I have been eyeing the Mersey book...

  2. The book is very much an overview of the subject, and an enjoyable one too. The chapter reviewing a range of rules was interesting.

  3. Those paper armies are really effective at creating an impression of mass.

    The fact they're 2D might even be a help if you had a paper Napoleonic army. You could get battalion columns which are the right depth relative to the frontage.

    1. Thank you. The paper soldiers certainly give the flexibility to adjust your base depth.