Saturday, 25 June 2016

WW2 campaign game and a little bit more on terrain

I managed to get a game in during the week for my WW2 campaign. I have stopped calling it a mini-campaign as by my calculations I'll be playing some 20 odd games before its completed.

German reinforcements repulse an attack
This week's game had Commonwealth forces making a full scale attack between the towns of Fontaine and Colombo-Sur-Thaon. The campaign square being attacked meant the tabletop terrain  would have a river and additional woods. Very defendable and so a full scale attack seemed appropriate.

The campaign map

More Commonwealth reserves arrive to attack the second bridge
The game turned out to be very interesting. Firstly, because the German reserves arrived very late after the had ceded a bridge and were hanging on by the skin of their teeth. While Commonwealth reserves were trickling in very nicely and taking advantage of no German reinforcements. The reinforcements did eventually arrive en masse and quickly shored up the defences and nullified all the attacks. The Commonwealth forces were at risk of losing the bridge they had taken and for some reason the remaining reserves had been held up. When their reserves did arrive, including an aircraft sortie, there were just enough to additional units sway the game and claim victory.

The final few turns sees a Commonwealth win
Following my recent post about randomly generating terrain for the tabletop, there were comments with some interesting suggestions. I will be incorporating these into my campaign rules (for future campaigns) and for setting up terrain for one-off games. Thank you to those who commented, it's much appreciated.

Some of the ideas to be incorporated are:
  • Placing one or two terrain features after both forces have deployed on the table.
  • Remove some terrain after deploying forces on the table.
  • Adjusting some terrain after deployment of forces, especially is there are only a few features.
  • Both sides move a terrain feature (not everyone is a solo wargamer)
I'm certainly going to be doing more random terrains as I find whenever I layout terrain it is all to balanced (read boring) and after all nature itself is somewhat random.


  1. Excellent Scenario Peter- do like your terrain and the features- your scratch built trees are terrific...there seems to be a heavy toll on the Tanks- with very close fighting. Well done. Regards. KEV. p.s. Have you looked yet for the FOLLOWERS Gadget?

    1. Hi KEV - Thank you for your kind comments. I managed to find and add the followers gadget. It does not seem to do much - I did follow the instructions, so I may have to muck around with it and see what happens. Regards, Peter

  2. Enjoying this, thank you. The table looks good. I like the big bases approach.

    1. I find with a gridded table the big bases work well, but I do have to be careful when creating terrain features to think about how the bases fit before starting. They also speed up the play and don't fall over.

  3. Hi Peter,
    That worked out perfectly - a close game is always a blast. The pics look great. And the good guys won. What more could you ask for?

  4. Hi John, It all came together very nicely and I didn't have any thoughts at the end of the game about tweaking the rules either. Cheers, Peter