Sunday, 12 June 2016

WW2 mini-campaign starts

This week I managed to get a couple of campaign games in. The first of the games was an all out attack by commonwealth forces which they successfully won. Quite a safe option to begin the campaign. The German forces had the option of the next battle and they chose a limited attack.
A Commonwealth attack successful and push forward the frontline. 
I was expecting a much a close battle in the second game. Commonwealth forces fielding 15 units having rolling 9 on two average dice to add to the 6 units given to the defending player. While the German total was 20 units with a score of 8 added to 12 units for a limited attack.

Commonwealth units
German units including a Aircraft
However, the terrain setup was to prove problematic for the defining side, two building squares had ended up next to each other. Successfully contesting these or capturing one of these would win the game for the attacker.
Tabletop layout randomly generated
The game turned out to be one sided. The Commonwealth units were gradually pushed back to defending the village as they waited for their reserves to show up. They were eventually whittled down and the village was occupied by German units. The late arriving Commonwealth reserves attempted to retake the village, but the excellent dice rolling by the German side continued and the counterattack failed.

Germans advance across the fields and towards the village 
A lack of reserves and poor dice rolls has the Commonwealth forces in retreat
Attempts by the late arriving reserves fail to retake the village
From the last couple of games I have updated a couple of areas in the rules for: 1) unit reorganisation and 2) aircraft sorties. The change to reorganisation is aimed at forcing disrupted units to retire when there is no supporting units nearby.  The aircraft sortie rule is me just continuing to play around with the rule until I am happy with it and to make it sufficiently different from being just another form of artillery. To this end aircraft can only attack vehicle based units with quite devastating effect unless they are supported by AA guns.


  1. Good start. Are there rules to allow the victor to recover damaged vehicles from the battlefield with a chance of repair?

  2. I must confess I had not considered recovering damaged vehicles. Thinking this through (on the fly) one could add 20 points to a players supply total for each tank wreak a side controlled at the end of a game. It would be very tempting to have an engineering unit represented by a recovery vehicle to deny the enemy one's own wreaks. Cheers, Peter