Thursday, 16 June 2016

Playing around with Swatters rules

A few weeks back I had a game of Swatters, a set of rules from Ganesha Games, which provides an enjoyable game between Tyranids and Space Marines. The rules are geared towards bugs vs. marines, but there are suggestions for using the rules in other settings. So this week I have been playing around with Orks vs Space Marines and introducing vehicles.

The area of the rules I am playing around with are combat and shooting. Here is a quick list of ideas I'm trying out...

All units get to roll 2D6 when shooting regardless of unit size. Any 3+ removes a partially armoured figure, 4+ an armoured figure, and 5+ a heavily armoured figure. Any 6 that is rolled allows the shooting unit to select the figure removed.

  • Maximum shooting is range 24"
  • Intensive Fire activation add 1D6.
  • Minus 1D6 for cover or if attacking a vehicle.

If the unit has other weapons, then only one of them can be used.

  • Support weapons add 2D6 against non-vehicles (heavy bolters, assault cannons, etc)
  • Missile Launchers add 1D6 regardless of troops or vehicles
  • High Power (AT) weapons add 2D6 against vehicles

Vehicles and monstrous creatures are hit on a 5+ and lose a hit point. Their size determines the number of hit points.

Reactive fire at the shooting unit is allowed after casualties are removed and a successful activation.

Combat (assaults) occur when units are within 6" and have successfully activated. Both sides roll  2D6 simultaneously and the side with the most number of casualties retires one move and the attacker moves into the vacated space. Any ties, then repeat the process.

  • If the unit is armed with close combat weapons add 1D6 (unless assaulting a vehicle)
  • If the unit makes a powerful attack activation add 1D6 (unless assaulting a vehicle)
  • If the unit has a flamethrower add 1D6
  • If the units has power weapons add 1D6

I am keeping the same unit size and rules for when a unit only has two models, but whether you have 3,4 or 5 models does not influence the D6 rolled.

Whether or not I do much more with these rule modifications I'm not sure, but I will be using the rules again for Tyranids vs Imperial Guard or Space Marines. A worth while investment for the PDF rules (about the cost of two coffees).

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