Thursday, 9 June 2016

WW2 mini-campaign part 5

With the tabletop set up completed, the next and final stage is to decide the size and types of units for each player, and get them on to the table.  The first step for both players is to calculate the number of units they command. They do this by rolling two average dice each and add to the combined dice score to:

  • 6 when defending
  • 12 when making a limited attack
  • 18 when making an all out attack

Now that the number of units known, each player rolls one D6 for each unit they are allowed and selects a unit based on the score. The higher the D6 score the more choice they have, players can if they wish select a unit which is lower than their dice score.

  • 6 = heavy tank, unit aircraft (attacker only) and defences (defender only)
  • 5 = tank unit, armoured infantry and armoured reconnaissance
  • 4 = self-propelled guns (AT or artillery) units 
  • 3 = guns (AT or Artillery), motorised infantry and light reconnaissance (forward observers)
  • 1 or 2 = infantry and mortars
Only one aircraft can be selected by the attacker and the defender can only select one defence unit. A defensive unit consists of a pillbox and 3 minefield squares.
A defensive unit with 3 minefield squares
Not all units will start on the table. For both the defending and attacking players half their units begin in reserves. If there are odd numbers the additional unit is placed on the table. Both players are allowed to choose which units begin in reserve and which go on the table.

The units in reserve are lined up in the order a player wants them to arrive. These units can start arriving from turn 2 onwards on a roll of 5+. If a 5+ is rolled then one unit arrives, if a lower score is rolled then the unit is parked and will arrive on the next if a 5+ is rolled along with the next unit being rolled for. This way units often arrive in batches. 

For example, if a player rolls 4 on turn 2, 3 on turn 3, and a 6 on turn 4, then on turn 4 three units will arrive from reserves.
Reserves are lined up waiting to move on to the table
The other half of units are placed on the table

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