Sunday, 19 June 2016

More gaming with Swatters ruleset

Having tried out some different combat and shooting mechanisms earlier in the week which worked in a fashion, but at the same time seemed to go against the grain of the Swatters ruleset. I decided to go back to the original rule mechanism and have another look. It was probably laziness on my part that took me down my first path of using multiple dice.  I also spent some time glancing through Mutants and Death Ray Guns, Flying Lead and Of Gods and Mortals looking for ideas (over the years I have collected a few rules based on the Song of Blades and Heroes rules).
Orks press forward as the space marines try an out flanking move
Anyway, after a couple of tryout games sticking as much as possible with the rule mechanisms and using adjusted special rules. I found I settled on an approach which for me seems to work for me and the W40K models I use.

For shooting:
  • I don't graduate the range. It's either in range of not.
  • Flamethrowers +2 against troops at range 6" and in combat.
  • Support Weapons (e.g. Heavy Bolter, Assault Cannon) +2 against troops range 24". Cannot be used in combat.
  • AT support weapons (e.g. Plasma Gun, Lascannon, etc) +2 against vehicles and monstrous creatures range 24". Cannot be used in combat.
  • Pistols (Boltpistols, Stormbolters, etc) range 12".
  • Automatic Guns (Bolters, Lasgun, etc) range 24".
  • Missile Launcher +2 against all units at range 12". Cannot be used in combat.
  • Grenades range 6" against vehicles and monstrous creatures.
  • Veteran leader (e.g. space marine sergeant) +1 to units shooting and combat.
  • Hero +2 (e.g. space marine commander) +2 to units shooting and combat.

To calculate the effects of shooting both sides (shooter and target) roll 1D6 and add the above. The defender cannot add any weapon benefits. If the defender scores more or ties, then they can return fire if they are suitably armed. Otherwise, remove target unit casualties up to the winning margin:

1 point for a lightly armoured figure (2 if in cover)
2 points for a power armoured figure (3 if in cover)
3 points for a terminator armoured figure (4 if in cover)
4 points for a light vehicle or creature (e.g. land speeder)
5 points for a medium vehicle or creature (e.g. Dreadnought, Rhino)
6 points for a heavy vehicle or creature (e.g. land raider)

For combat:

  • Talons and claws +2 against troops
  • Large claws/power fists +2 against troops and vehicles/creatures
  • +1 if outnumber opposition
  • Some weapons (see above) can be used.
  • Cover is ignored

Combat calculation is the same as shooting, but with no cover allowed. If no casualties are inflicted roll again until a side suffers casualties, except against vehicles/creatures where only one attack is allowed.
A Killa-Kan bites the dust
Next week I will be getting back to my WW2 campaign and hopefully completing a couple of games.

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