Tuesday, 7 June 2016

WW2 mini-campaign rules part 4

Once the terrain is setup the defending player chooses which side of the table they will defend and place their units anywhere on their half of the board. Then the attacking player places their units in the first two rows from the opposite table edge.

A town is positioned in the inner zone based on dice rolls (see previous post for approach for terrain placement)

Remaining town is added

Road rolled for North to South position

Fields are placed

All terrain features are placed and ready for a game

The game is then fought with the available units and those coming on from reserves (the next post will cover this). The game ends after 15 turns. I am ignoring the game clock in my rules for this campaign.

After 15 turns the control of terrain features is used to determine the winning player. To control a terrain feature a player's unit must either: occupy the square or be adjacent to a vacant terrain feature with no adjacent enemy units.

Terrain features are worth different points:

  • Building square = 4 points
  • River crossing bridge/ford = 6 points
  • Wood square = 2 point
  • Hill square = 1 point
  • Field square = 1 point
The player with the highest number of points is the game winner. If points are equal the defending player wins.


  1. Hi Peter,
    It looks like a good system. I'm surprised it doesn't seem to be generating more interest, considering the dearth of WWII campaign rules available, at least that I have found.
    So let's see, if my math is right the defender will get 10 - 16 units, limited attackers will get 14 - 23 units, and all-out attackers will get 16 - 28 units, which presents the occasional opportunity for one of those "what have I got myself into" moments. Should make for some tense games.
    Great job, Peter.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks and your math is pretty much spot on. I will be posting in the next day or so how each side's forces are selected in terms of numbers, type of unit, and bringing on of reserves as not all units start the game on the table. I am adding all the posts into a set of rules that I can tack on at the end of my ruleset.
      Regards, Peter