Saturday, 14 January 2017

Beginning the 6x6 gaming challenge

I have finally been able to get around to the 6x6 gaming challenge (see here for info). There were a few options to go with Dark Ages and Hundred Years War, but I still have a little bit more preparation to start a series of games for these periods. So to start I am starting with a few SciFi games using a variation on Tank on Tank board game rules (downloadable here) and my variation is available on the tab above.

In a series of games, 6 in all to meet the challenge criteria, I am following the trials of Alpha company of the space marine chapter sons of the sword. They have been sent to an outer rim mining planet to investigate some odd going ons on the world of Dranus. Upon their arrival the world authorities are trying to contact the mining colony of X-374 which has worryingly ceased all communication. All attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful.

Sergeant Rostoc has been entrusted with an armed reconnaissance mission to push though along the road to colony X-374 while the remaining units of Alpha company disembark. Unbeknown to the good Sergeant a force of Necrons is waiting ready to launch a flank attack on any trying to move down the road.

The scenario is based upon Flank Attack (1) from One-Hour Wargames and fought out on a 6 inch gridded tabletop.

The forces involved...

Sergeant Rostoc and his command squad (move = 1, range = 2, armour = 8, troop unit, leader, power weapon). Behind is his transport a Razorback (move = 2, range = 3, armour = 11, non-troop unit, power weapon).

The reconnaissance force has the support of Corporal Lutek on his jet bike (move = 3, range = 2, armour = 10, non-troop unit, veteran, power weapon, skimmer). He is supported by two companions (move = 3, range = 3, armour = 10, non-troop unit, skimmer).

The final part of this little force is Sergeant Floric and his section riding in a Rhino APC. Sergeant Floric is commanding the flamer squad. As a veteran he will get a free action and can move the squad up quickly into the enemy (move = 1, range = 2, armour = 8, troops, veteran, flamer). The other squad will provide fire support with the heavy bolder (move = 1, range = 3, armour = 8, troops). Both squads are transported in the Rhino (move = 2, range = 2, armour = 11, troops).

They face a small, yet powerful, Necron force with two warlords...

The first warlord above with a unit of pariahs (move = 1, range = 2, armour = 9, troops, leader, power weapon) and three warrior squads (move = 1, range = 2, armour = 8, troops).

The second warlord (move = 3, range = 2, armour = 10, non-troop unit, leader, power weapon, skimmer) leads a couple of destroyers (move = 3, range = 3, armour = 10, non-troop unit, skimmer) and heavy destroyer (move = 3, range = 3, armour = 10, non-troop unit, power weapon, skimmer).

In support is a unit of scarabs, you can ignore the old style wraith he is making up the numbers and I like the model because it looks so sinister (move = 2, range = 1, armour = 7, troop unit, horde).

Finally, starting off-table in reserves, is a unit of Necron flyers (move = unlimited, range = 2, armour = 9, troops).

The game is set up and ready to play - more on my next post.
Stand and deliver?

A flank attack lays in wait


  1. Nice looking table and interesting scenario, I am looking forward to reading the write up on this one. Going over to see your Tank on Tank thoughts now, as those rules are fresh in my mind from a recent playing.

    1. The Tank on Tank rules are quite abstract and hopefully lend themselves to adjustments for other modern and futuristic periods. Along with being quick and somewhat unpredictable to play adding to the fun as a solo player.

  2. Very colorful collection of figures for this game. With Game 1 of 6 using a scenario from OHWs, will you follow suit and draw all scenarios from this book with a secondary goal of working your way through all scenarios?

    1. I will be trying to pick scenarios to suit the narrative from OHW, which are much easier to read in book form than as an eBook.
      I do enjoy getting my 40K figures on the table as I have spent considerable time painting them. Which is part of the reason why I am moving to simpler rules and quicker games so they do not remain hidden away in boxes.