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Space marines vs. Necrons Battle Report

Sergeant Rostoc of the sons of the sword space marine chapter has been entrusted with an armed reconnaissance mission. Better known to us as Flank Attack (1) from One-Hour Wargames. His forces are to push though on the road to colony X-374 which dropped off the grid a few days ago.

A force of Necrons is waiting for any who would travel down this road. They have units strung out across the road and hidden in the alien vegetation to attack on the flank of any on the road. So on to battle using the forces described in the previous post.

Turn 1

The first activations were with the Necrons as they are the one's laying in wait. They quickly eliminated one of the oncoming jet bikes. Who returning fire to cause a destroyer to be shaken. 

Surprise attack has one jet bike in flames

Turn 2

The Necrons recovered their shaken destroyer and placed a warrior squad into overwatch once it had reached cover of the shell craters broken ground.

The jet bikes continued to shoot at the destroyers causing another shaken result. Sergeant Floric with his flamer squad disembarked from the Rhino APC using his free AP as a veteran. Then the squad went on to eliminate the heavy destroyer with automatic advancement into the vacated square.

The start of Sergeant Floric's heroic rampage

Turn 3

Nercon forces continued to focus their attacks on the two remaining jet bikes causing one of them to be shaken.

The Space Marines jet bike was quickly recovered and Sergeant Floric's squad continue their advance which resulted in the elimination of a warrior squad. With supporting fire from their Rhino APC there was no stopping them!

Attacked by flamers which ignore cover the warrior unit is eliminated

Turn 4

Necron units concentrated their shooting efforts again on the jet Bikes. This time with success and another one was eliminated. The overwatch unit of warriors lending their support to the attack. 

The flyer unit entered the fray and attacked Sergeant Floric's squad without success.

Nercon flyers attack on 2 AP
No Necron flyers were going to stop Sergeant Floric's heroic charge. Within a blink of an eye they succumbed and were a blazing set of wrecks. Alas, this event was not captured on camera (I was obviously too absorbed by the action).

Emboldened by success, Sergeant Rostoc charged out of this Razorback APC attacking the scarab horde, halving their number (hordes take two hits in the rules).

Turn 5

Necron attacks had no effect. With support from the remaining jet bike and the Razorback, Sergeant Rostoc's squad charged and eliminated the remaining scarabs. Meanwhile, the unstoppable Sergeant Floric continued has rampaging charge and eliminated the Nercon warlord. Then moved into the vacated open ground.

Turn 6

Revenge for their lost warlord the Necrons eliminate in a devastating show of shooting the last jet bike and the heroic Sergeant Floric who was caught in the open. 

The last Space Marine squad, containing a heavy bolter, disembarked and took up position on the rock outcrop to gain an addition square to their attacking range.

Taking up position on a rocky outcrop

Turn 7

With reducing number Necron warrior units make sure they are in cover and the destroyers moved up in line for their final attack. 

Sergeant Rostoc and his squad chance it and advance into cover and attack one of the advancing destroyers. The attack was partly successful with a destroyer being shaken.

Sergeant Rostoc chancing his arm

Turn 8

Necron attacks were focussed on Sergeant Rostoc's squad which they successfully eliminated. The Space Marine force is now in dire straights.

A Necron victory is at hand!

Turn 9

The elimination of the Razorback APC saw the remaining Space Marine squad retire.

After Game Thoughts...

The rules provided a reasonable and close result. They took 30 minutes to play in my estimation if I take out time spent making notes for this post.

I will be treating missile launchers (Sergeant Rostoc's squad had one) as a blast weapon when coming up with unit details in the next game.

Man of the match was an easy decision - Sergeant Floric and his squad for their advance.

So the first game of the 6x6 challenge ends, and a thank you to Kaptain Kobold for proposing the challenge idea (here).

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