Thursday, 12 April 2018

French Indian War - Game 9 setup

The next game to be played in the French Indian War campaign is the battle of Fort Carillon. See Palouse Wargaming Journal for Jonathan's narrative and campaign moves leading the this battle. The tabletop terrain is loosely based on a few images I found from a Google search.

A view of the tabletop setup
The French cannot accommodate all of their units into the fort, and have opted to place their weaker militia unit in the fort and line up the remaining forces, all regulars, using the fort to secure their left flank.
French lines prepare for battle
Meanwhile the British have arrived and lined up in two lines. The French now wait to see their move.

British units arrive

Order of battle:

French - Commander Dieskau (A2D2)
4 (3) Regular Units
2 (1) Militia Units
1 Artillery within fort
Army resolve = 9 (7 units + 2)

British - Commander Monckton (A2D1)
7 (5) Regular Units
1 Light Infantry Unit
1 Artillery Unit
Army resolve = 10 (9 units + 1)

Both commanders have A2 qualities which allow them on 2 occasions to double the shooting score of any unit adjacent to them. The defence quality of Dieskau (D2) almost levels out the army resolve between the two forces.

This is quite a large battle and I have a limited number of units, so campaign forces have been loosely factored up by 50% and artillery added for both sides.

This game will be played over the weekend as time is running out tonight.

The painting table has seen a couple of additions for a future siege game...

A couple of balsa wood mortars
Cheval de Frise - round wooden dowel and toothpicks
Additional defences thrown up to help defend the breach
The Cheval de Frise fits quite nicely to show repairs
Mortars painted


  1. Peter- great modelling skills displayed there- well done! Cheers. KEV.

    1. Thank you. They were quite fun and quick to make.

  2. The scratch-build mortars are fantastic

  3. Agree, mortars are bob-on

  4. Nice work on the scratch built mortars.

    With a British repulse at Fort Stanwix, this battle shapes up to be a very important one for the campaign, I think.

  5. Looking at the set up it appears the British have a slight advantage. I suspect the A2 quality and well timed use of doubling a combat result will be quite influential in the game.

  6. I agree with the rest, the preparations for the siege are impressive. Did you turn the mortar on a lathe or are they one of those decorative bits of wood one finds in hardware stores?

    Meanwhile, no abatis and entrenchments for the French outside the fort? This Dieskieu fellow isn't a patch on Montcalm!

    1. The mortar is made from balsa wood dowel which was shaped with a files. Funny you mention entrenchments. I was pondering them after I posted the photos.

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