Sunday, 15 April 2018

French Indian War - Game 9

I finally found some time to play through the Battle of Carillon. Game 9 of the French Indian War being fought out with Jonathan conducting the campaign moves (see Palouse Wargaming Journal). The battle is considered a key game and the victorious side will benefit politically in the campaign.

The previous post has the order of battle. However, looking at the setup it appears the French were not benefiting enough from their defensive position, and based upon a comment by Ross, I decided the French would have some more defences. So they were able to add some defences to provide additional cover.

Game setup with the French behind their defences
Having allowed the French some defences, I allowed the British to reposition their lines, which they did to avoid Fort Carillon as much as possible.
The British line advances en masse while light infantry and grenadiers move to out flank the French defence
Both side's artillery were creating a few hits on opposing forces.
French forces move to counter the flanking move
A view from Fort Carillon
Grenadiers and light infantry take up their positions on the flank
British suffer their first lost and prepare to move their second line into battle.
French defenders suffer a losses.
The contest was fierce with both sides taking hits.
The French army resolve ended with the loss of their commander who retired from the field wounded.

A victory to the British commanded by Monckton. Dieskau the French commander was wounded but survived. Both sides lost a regiment of regulars a piece.


  1. This is a surprising outcome. Moncton won by avoiding the defenses almost entirely. This victory will move the Political Track three spaces in Britain’s favor. That is a big shift! Had Dieskau been killed or captured, matters would have been even more dramatic.

    Game looks terrific!

    1. Thanks. When I put the figures on the tabletop it looked like the British had the edge. One reason for adding defences, but possibly should have added more. Although the game was quite close, Moncton timed his additional attacks with some good dice rolls, more so than Dieskau.
      I presume units in the campaign game are all treated as being behind fortress walls. Increasing the defences in the games may be the way to go.

  2. Replies
    1. I had better get a move on with the siege rules.

  3. Interesting battle with the British out-flanking the French and taking the Fort....good old British Grenadiers. Loke the smoke effects... Great going Peter. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Thanks. The smoke helps to remind me who has shot.

  4. No repeat of Montcalm's victory in this version! A big prize for the British.
    Another beaut looking game and report, thanks Peter.

    1. Thank you kindly. The British seemed to have the luck of the dice at the right time.