Friday, 1 April 2016

WW2 Rules Updated

I have finally got around to updating my WW2 house rules with my scribbled notes and stuck in some pictures to explain aspects of the rules. The major change is the reduction of disruption markers from two to only one before a unit is eliminated. This is compensated by rolling for hit effects (not all hits have an effect) and ability of units to reorganise to remove disruption markers.

If interested the rules are found here or link in top righthand corner of blog.

During this week I have made up some hills from some foam board. A hacksaw blade easily cut the basic shape which was smoothed with sandpaper. This was followed by a coat of green paint, a good application of varnish, and while the varnish was wet a sprinkling of scenery material. They look a tad too square, one of the disadvantages of using a gridded gaming table. Next time I will make them a bit more rounded or oval as they only need to accommodate one unit. I will be able to use the hills with both my 15mm and 20mm models.

Shaping and sanding the foam board

Trying them out

A closer shot

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