Sunday, 17 April 2016

WW2 AA guns and back to squares

This week I have been gradually making and painting some WW2 anti-aircraft units using two Airfix Bofors 40mm Gun & Tractor kits and Airfix's German 75 mm PaK 40 and Truck kit, which I purchased a couple of weeks ago.
British Bofors AA Gun and German AA Gun (a Bofors) mounted on Opel truck
With one of the Tractor kits, which came with the Bofors gun, I thought I would make it similar to the Krupp Protze Tractor by changing the bonnet and keeping the back tray flat.
A slightly modified British truck to give it a look of a German truck

A comparison to a Krupp Protze (right)
With these kits finished I will be trying to get in a WW2 game this week. I will be using my house WW2 rules (page tab above) and converting them back to squares with a couple of modifications. The decision to move them back to squares is a result from a question I received from John "the Ferryman" on my post of a battle report.

John's question was "how was it playing? Any thoughts?" My immediate response was that I was happy with how the game played, but it started me thinking about the difference between measuring and grid for the game. The big difference with free movement was it allowed me to concentrate firepower by allowing a greater number of units to shoot at targets. So when I try the rules using a square grid I will allow units to shoot through squares occupied by friending units, providing they are in open terrain and only one unit occupies the square.


  1. Excellent trucks there!

    Regards, Chris.

  2. Thanks Chris. I am coming to the view that I cannot have enough trucks. They always seem to get used in games.
    Regards, Peter

  3. Hi Peter,
    I noticed in your non-grid rules that you altered the Resolve rule from a morale check for an enemy moving adjacent to an inability to move adjacent to the enemy after suffering 50% losses.
    Which do you prefer so far?
    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hi John,
      I am leaning towards not just the inability to move adjacent to enemy units when force reduced by 50 percent, but have forced retirement when enemy move into adjacent squares and unit is disrupted. Hopefully creating a gradual and forced retirement. When both forces less than 50 percent, then the game ends.
      With the 5+ approach I was thinking it would encourage me to pull disrupted units back out of enemy observation to reorganise, but when games are close it does not and I put my faith in the dice.
      Just completed a game with the rules using squares and allowing firing through friendly units, which seemed to work ok and allowed for concentrated firepower. So grids are back!
      Regards, Peter