Thursday, 21 April 2016

Making Cheap Trees

Today I finished putting together some larger trees for my 20mm WW2 forces. Most of the trees I have are suited for 15mm troops. So half a dozen larger trees were required. While searching around for scourer pads for my hedges I came across these large scourer pads at my local hardware store  (Bunnings) which looked perfect for turning into trees using a similar method to the hedges.
Large Scourer Pad 2cm thick and 12cm x 25cm
End Product a large tree
The steps to making these are...

For each tree first cut out two 6cm x 6cm squares which get the corners rounded off and random bits cut out to make them uneven. Do the same for a 3cm x 3cm piece which will go on the top of the tree you are making. I found tin-snips really good at cutting the scourer.

For the trunks cut out some circular bases and attach some dowel. I drilled a whole in the centre of the base the same size as the dowel and pushed to dowel in with some glue so they will hold firm. Once dry you can add some texture to the bottom of the dowel (tree trunk) be gluing (PVC glue) on some scenic material. Then paint green.

Trucks glued on to bases
With all the cut out scourer pull the bits apart so they become bushy looking.

The pulled apart scourer piece on top (before bit on below)
Paint the trucks brown and dry-brush a light brown to provide a textured look. Then scenic material is glued on the base. Once dry sharpen the top of the stick (trunk).

Trunks painted and bases with scenic material glued on
Brush and dab on emulsion green paint brush to all the cut out scourer pieces. I forgot to take a picture of that part of the process. But the painting is very rough and ready.

Once the paint is dry push on two large scourer pieces and glue on a top smaller piece.

The pieces stacked one on top of each other to create trees
In all I spent less than $10 for the dowel and scourers. I already had the MDF board used for stands and paint left over from making the hedges in a previous post.


  1. That is great! Much more durable than flock.

    1. Yes, I just throw them in their box when tidying up after a game.