Monday, 25 April 2016

WW2 Aircraft Sortie Rules

It has been a fairly quiet week for wargaming with my Daughter visiting over last week and my Son arriving this weekend. Although I was able to get a couple of WW2 games in to use my new trees (see previous post) and worked though an aircraft sortie rule to add to my house rules.
Game in progress
Aircraft Sorties Rule
At the start of the game agree on the number of aircraft sorties allowed to occur. During the Artillery & Mortar phase the controlling player can roll 1D6. If a 5+ is rolled a sortie occurs. During each turn a player can roll for a sortie until they are all used or the aircraft is eliminated by AA fire.

During a sortie aircraft attacks occur as part of the artillery & mortar phase. Identify two adjacent squares to be attacked anywhere on the table. For each square roll a D6 and for all attacks use the direct fire artillery on the combat table. If a 1 or 2 is rolled the aircraft breaks off & the attacks cease for this sortie.

If there are enemy AA guns within 2 squares of any unit being attacked, then a score of 1 or 2 results in the aircrafts elimination & all further sorties cease.

(For non-gridded wargaming see WW2 Rules tab above -  aircraft can attack all units along a 9" straight line).

On the modelling side I have started on a couple of British motorised units using Airfix's WWII RAF Vehicle Set along with a scratch built pillbox. As my units represent companies in the rules I'm trying with my kit choices to get as much variety of vehicles as possible.

On the workbench - Trucks and Pillbox
With luck I am hoping I'll get a couple of one-hour wargames in this week with my son.

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