Monday, 4 April 2016

Making fields and hedges

Other than playing one game, which turned out to be a very one sided affair, I decided to continue with building up some more terrain for my WW2 20mm armies. To date I have been getting away with 15mm terrain. A week or two ago I tried making one field (see below) which was ok, but will create storage problems as it is fixed on a 6" x 6" base.

The original field design in use
The scenario I played over the weekend required quite a few hedges to be present on the table, so I also wanted to have the flexibility to create hedge lined roads or fields. Here is my approach...

Materials used:

MDF 3mm board
Kitchen scourer (it comes in a pack of 6 in dark green)
Balsa wood 1.5mm thick
Scenery material (I use combined light green and brown)
PVA glue
Green paint (I bought a sample pot at the hardware store in colour is very similar to GW Goblin Green paint)
Paint for gates (dark brown and mid-tan colours used)
Brown corduroy material

Step 1

Bases are cut out of MDF board 1" wide and 6" long.
The kitchen scourer is cut into strips. I was able to get 5 strips of 15-20mm (1/2" to 3/4") out of 1 pad to suit model size. The scourer pads were 6" long the perfect length.
These are then stuck onto the base with a good dollop of PVA.
The same approach is used for sections with gates, except with a gate sized piece of balsa wood.
Once the PVA is well and truly dry I trimmed the ends at a 45 degree angle. (I used tin snips to do this - they worked a treat).
Step 1 - Gate section on left and general section on right

Step 2

Paint the bases and brush over the scourer material. This was all very rough and ready - on finesse here.
Once dry paint the gate a dark brown.

Step 2 - bases painted and scourer strips brushed over with paint

Step 3

Once paint dry add the scenery material by painting the base with PVA glue and dipping in the scenery material.
With a steady hand paint on the gate details - no need to be too precise.

Step 3 - Add scenery to base

Step 4 (optional)

I choose to varnish (matt) the bases and gates.

Step 5

Cut the corduroy material into 6" squares.

Finished product

The pictures show the completed hedges with fields. I have also purchased some yellow/brown felt to mix up the field colours. I can now field 6-7 fields on my wargaming table (excuse the pun) or 6' and 6" of hedges.


  1. Good ideas and nice blog. Will be following from now on.


  2. Hi Aaron - Thank you for your comments. I enjoyed reading your blog, especially about lost battles as I have recently finished reading Simulating War by Sabin. I've have added you to my blog list - thanks.
    Regards, Peter

  3. Very nice Peter, I love these.


    1. Thanks Jay. I am thinking about using a similar approach for stone walls. I just need to find a suitable material.
      Regards, Peter

  4. The shading on the gate is very effective while keeping its strength via being part of the structure - good stuff. I have just bought a scenic flock from a Woodland Scenic stand that is sort of a course dull yellow flock, I am hoping that it will give a 'crop' colour when I come to make some fields.

    1. Thanks Norm. The scenic flock should be a winner. I'm wondering how putting some PVA on material then sprinkling scenic flock over it would go? Good luck with your crops.
      Regards, Peter

  5. Nice one bud, they work really well.
    All the Best

  6. Thanks MrF.
    Regards, Peter