Thursday, 28 April 2016

WW2 gaming and additional rules

I have been able to get a couple of WW2 games in this week using a 4' by 4' playing surface. One game being with my son who is visiting who picked up the rules very quickly being based on a One-Hour Wargaming format.

One area of the rules I am looking at is introducing Forward Observation Officers attached to light Reconnaissance units and improve the chances of hits with indirect artillery fire. The reason for considering this is to create a greater variation between some of the units and their roles in the game. Presently there is not much difference between an infantry unit and a reconnaissance unit other than movement allowance. With the ability to direct artillery fire and not be penalised for indirect fire, Reconnaissance units also have reduced fire power to provide some balance.

So light Reconnaissance units when observing for indirect fire do not minus 1, and their attack values are 5+ against infantry and guns, with no ability to attack tank units. I have yet to update the rules as I want to get a few more games completed using these rules (see page tab above).

Early stages of a game
A couple of units and pillbox started at the weekend have now been finished off.

Pillbox made from balsa wood 
A couple of motorised British units


  1. In my own rules I gave recon units a +1 when observing from high ground and they always count as being in cover ...... Even if they are not.

    I was thinking of a rule in which the side that has the better reconnaissance gets some benefit at the opening of the game, for sort of 'out scouting' the other side.

    All good stuff, I like your bases.

    1. Hi Norm, I like the idea of reconnaissance always being treated as in cover. I definitely try that out. The better reconnaissance gets game benefits sounds interesting, maybe their reserves are requested earlier and so arrive sooner than the oppositions reserves. Thanks Peter

  2. That looks great, Pete. With 18 companies visible, that is a sizable German battlegroup. How did the good guys fare?

    Pete, when you're playing solo, do you use any AI or role-playing elements to make command decisions for either side?

    Thanks for the continuing inspiration to get my east front armies back into a playable state.


    1. Hi John, With the pictured game I was trying to see what is too many units to have on the table. 18 is an ok number providing they arrive in phases. There was no winner as I never got to finish the game as my son was available for a game.
      At the moment I use no AI or role-playing, partly as I'm still trying to finalise the rules. I received The Solo Wargaming Guide at Christmas and will be trying to apply some of the mechanics in there. I like a good narrative to a game.
      Good luck with getting your armies back onto the table!
      Regards, Pete