Friday, 30 September 2022

WW1 Palestine Campaign - Turn 3 Game 4 setup

It is time this weekend to turn to the WW1 Palestine Campaign which has the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) making a fourth attempt to breach the Gaza defensive line. As each of the three scenarios for this stage of the campaign had previously been played, they were all available for random selection and One Hour-Wargame scenario #15 - Fortified Defence - was selected. The solo campaign rules can be found here they detail how the scenarios are chosen and the event cards which provide additions to the forces in the battles.

Turkish forces positioned in trenches

The Turkish order of battle:

  • 3x infantry units
  • 2 x artillery units
  • 1 x mounted infantry
  • 1 x cavalry unit (which is in reserve and will be available after turn eight).
The Turks also benefit from being able to have an additional unit entrenched during campaign stage 3.

The EEF order of battle:
  • 4 x infantry units
  • 1 x artillery unit
  • 1 x mounted infantry unit
  • 1 x aircraft
  • 1 x armoured car unit
The EEF used another months preparation time to draw two event cards which gained them an aircraft and armoured car.

EEF forces

The campaign is almost at the halfway point. Another victory to the Turks would be a blow to the EEF who still have to progress another three stages on the campaign map.

Campaign map

The Turks have two fortified positions which provide additional fire power, the EEF need to take for victory. The EEF are able to launch two assaults, at the start of any game turn the EEF can call off the assault (removing all units) and start the second assault with their full complement of unit.

The two fortified position are circled.

The EEF plan is for the initial assault to take the first fortified position, then the second assault will then push on and try and rollup the Turkish line and take the second fortified position.

The planned assaults.

The tabletop is now all setup for a game during the weekend.


  1. Having seen the results of the other games, I suspect the force ratio of the EEF will not be enough to overcome the Turks.
    I suspect you are going to refight the 2nd battle of Gaza over and over again (3 British v 4 Ottoman divisions).

    1. So much depends on taking the first objective quickly (in the first 5 to 6 game turns) to allow time for the second assault to move up and engage to second fortified position.

  2. I think EEF fortunes may need to turn around to get ahead of the curve here. Overrunning the nearest fort quickly may get the EEF off to good start. Good looking table.

    1. It will be the case of throwing everything at the first fortified position.

  3. Another tricky battle for the EEF. But a good plan and if they manage to take the first entrenchment quickly they will be in with a chance.

    1. Concentrating the attacks on one fortified position at a time and using the armoured car to delay any reserves may be the trick in this game.

  4. Another 2 objective scenario. Looks like the EEF has its work today. Maybe they should get a morale / recovery of some sort if they take the first. 😀

    1. I am reluctant to make rule changes until I am desperate ;-)